SRA exits with pride, Entity to face OpTic India in the grand finale

The second day of the ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 Asia – Indian Regional Finals begin with a lower-bracket final between Entity Gaming and Slaughter Rage Army (SRA). Entity Gaming removed nuke and inferno while SRA banned train and cache. Overpass, being their best map, Entity picked it up while SRA, as always decided to play Dust II. Mirage was left to be the decider but Entity had no business going towards the third map.

  • Overpass: Entity 16-3 SRA
  • Dust II: Entity 16-10 SRA

SRA finalized to play on the terrorist side in the map one, overpass. Entity went for a quick connector control in the first pistol round but they couldn’t get any additional information. It was HuNtr towards B-monster to get a quad kill and eventually secured the round for Entity. Negative got a nasty pick off HuNtr in the second round but the boys from Kolkata couldn’t yield anything further.

Entity went off with a decent start and got an early 5-0 advantage in the first map on the day. SRA forced the sixth round and the boys in blue crumbled with the likes of CZ-75 and deagles; 5-1, SRA got first round on board. Entity pulled a round back after getting some early damage in the seventh round which finally destroyed SRA’s economy.

Entity won five consecutive rounds to enter the double digits, 10-1. Negative stood up for his side to clear up the A-site with a magnificent triple-kill to get the second round on board. First half was pretty straightforward, 13-2 in Entity’s favor.

DreaM got three quick taps at B-short to shut down Entity and grab the pistol round. Entity forced the next round with the CZ-75 and deagles while the SRA couldn’t defend upon. Entity Gaming flawlessly won the first map 16-3.

Dust II was the second map, SRA’s pick. Entity planned to play on the defense. Entity went for an aggressive mid stance. The_Guru and DreaM engaged Entity towards the tunnels while the rest of the team rushed A-site through A-long and got the bomb down. Although getting the bomb down, SRA lost the round. With the upgraded pistols in the second round, SRA got the bomb down once again at the A-site and got a decent buy for the gun round.

SRA picked up the third round with a quick B-split and got the first round in the second map. Entity won the following round which broke SRA’s economy. Entity won the fifth round 4-1, cleaning up the pistols. SRA lost the following gun round but the succeeding force buy bagged them a round on the back of aFlekX’s 3k. Entity claimed next three rounds pretty comfortably; Entity leading 8-2.

The eleventh round flawlessly went in the favor of SRA as the defense got picked apart one by one. After exchanging bullets at the mid doors, DreaM firmly entered A-short and got two quick kills with the AWP which eventually accounted fourth round for SRA. Finally, Entity’s economy was destroyed. Both teams exchanged rounds and the first half ended 9-6 inclined towards the boys in blue.

SRA won the pistol round on the T-side followed by two rounds against the pistols; scores tied at 9-9. SRA couldn’t get into the lead as Entity fought back winning the first gun round. SRA couldn’t get anything going as the Entity boys won next five rounds and headed towards the 14-9 scoreline.

The_Guru took an insane quad-kill with a full flashed collateral to get into the double digits 14-10. The_Guru again got some crucial picks for SRA with the big green gun but Excali and Deathmaker pulled off a 2vs4 post-plant scenario to achieve the map point.

Entity Gaming won the second map 16-10 and they will play against OpTic India in the evening.

The finals will be live here at LXGTV.