Optic India bags its first major win at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Asia 2018 – Indian LAN Finals

The grand finals of the ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Asia 2018 – Indian LAN Finals between OpTic India and Entity Gaming started with one map advantage to the green wall as they came from the upper brackets. Entity picked up overpass while OpTic decided to play Inferno.

OpTic finalized to play on the CT site. Entity went for a quick B-site split but yB and Haivaan closed them down taking 2k each. Entity forced with armour and upgraded pistols in the second round. HuNtr did get an early pick in the form of Marzil but unfortunately, they couldn’t close down the round. OpTic once again lost three of their players and HuNtr got a couple of commendable deagle kills in both the rounds.

All the terrorists got picked apart one by one in their first buy round as Marzil got an incredible quad kill with the AWP. Entity forced in the fifth round but Marzil was reigned terror at the fountain and toilet area, yb aswell got a quick triple kill. OpTic went off to a good start with an early 5-0. Entity ran down the clock to enter the A site but the clock didn’t favor the boys.

The seventh round went into Entity’s bag as they executed B-site and Excali got a couple of kills on the entry. Boys in blue got another round as they punished early aggression from OpTic India. The scoreboard appeared 6-2 and OpTic decided to force with an AWP on Marzil and an M4A4 on Antidote. They did pick off two players from Entity but Amaterasu got a quad-kill and clutched the round for his side.

The next round also ended with a nail-biting post-plant clutch from HellRangeR against Marzil & Antidote at the B-site. OpTic was down to upgraded pistols in the eleventh round but that was more than enough to steal a round back; OpTic was leading 7-4. Both the teams traded quick kills towards the connector but OpTic came out on the top in the twelfth round.

Entity got deleted out of the server as Forsaken sprayed down all five of them within fifteen seconds towards B-monster. 9-6 was the scoreline at end of first half and OpTic was leading.

OpTic rushed the monster in the pistol round and the Entity defense fell apart one by one. OpTic got the following two rounds pretty easily and the scoreboard turned 12-6. Entity won the next two gun rounds which finally shattered OpTic’s economy. Amaterasu got an ace with his AK-47 as he was guarding toilets.

Soon, the scores tied at 12-12 as Entity climbed up winning six consecutive rounds. Entity took the lead 13-12 for the first time in the twenty-fifth round as HellRangeR clutched the 1vs1 against Haivaan. OpTic finally got a round as Forsaken got a triple-kill at B-site in a post-plant situation.

Since then, the match headed into overtime and OpTic India claimed it 19-17. They will represent India in Shanghai at the ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Asia 2018 against the top Asian teams.

  • Overpass: OpTic 19-17 Entity

Congratulations to OpTic India as they emerge on the top.