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Spanish Esports Org Movistar Riders Drop Valorant Pro For Cheating

Former Movistar Riders member Rui ‘rapaztriste’ Fonsec was confirmed to have used cheats during an LVP Rising Series qualifier.

Popular Spanish Esports Organization Movistar Riders have expelled member ‘rapaztriste’ for using cheats during an official Valorant tournament.

The organization confirmed the news in a statement released on January 17th.

After some of the team members informed the manager of suspicious behavior in rapaztriste’s gameplay, an elaborate investigation was launched alongside Riot Games. The investigation confirmed that Fonseca was, in fact, using cheats during the January 16th game. 

“We want to apologize to LVP and Riot for what happened and thank them for their speed and their availability to find a solution to the problem,” the org said in their statement. “Of course, we also want to extend our sincere apologies to all Valorant fans and tournament participants.”

Following this move, the current Movistar Riders Valorant roster stands at:
  • Carlos ‘scarx’ Sanchez
  • Maks ‘kamyk’ Rychlewski
  • Mihály ‘Tishler’ Kállai
  • Michael ‘mikigoalie’ Buzek

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