Photo: Stephanie Lindgren - Esports Photographer

One of the Twitch streamers & pro Smash Bros. player Justin “Plup” McGrath was never indulged in any kind of toxicity, be it in his gameplay or with his Twitch audience. However, his recent actions must have surely put a bad influence of his on the Smash Bros. community.

Brandon Collier, the tournament organizer expressed his disappointment at the fact that he had to deal with players’ smurfing in the Rona Rumble: East Cost tournament; one of them being the Genesis 5 champion.

Not only Plup but other Florida Smashers like Forest and Colbol shared an account to enter netplay tournament, they even tampered the bracket and caused several issues for TO’s and registered players.

Rona Rumble: East Coast tournament had a prize pool of $200 along with player bounties, meaning that any registered player that hasn’t been ranked in the Top 100 could win an additional $50 if they were successful in pulling an upset.

Plup’s antics & performance came out like a storm and passed everyone throughout the bracket, causing more upsets than expected. This forced the tournament organizer Collier to decrease the money earned per bounty to $30.

Since, Plup and the rest were meddling with a community-driven attempt at maintaining a competitive scene amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people in the community were severely upset at the Florida smashers for messing with the only possible way of competing. Rishi, who was among one of the affected entrants, was very vocal about the entire situation. He tweeted the following:

However, Plup apologized to all those who were affected. He tweeted:

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