Skyesports announces Esports roadmap till March 2023

Skyesports Champions Series
Skyesports Champions Series

Skyesports has been one of the biggest tournament organizers in India for the past few years. The organization dabbles in some of the biggest video games and organizes tournaments at a countrywide scale. Just when fans were about to think they have slowed down, the CEO revealed the schedule for the first quarter of 2023.

Founder and CEO of Skyesports Shiva Nandy aka Marvel shared their plans on 22nd January. In his announcement, Nandy highlighted the 6 tournaments that will keep us entertained till March which incorporate some of the biggest titles in video games.

Skyesports Esports Roadmap (January to March): Complete Details

We have put together the tournaments announced by the CEO that will take place between now and March.

  1. Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League – Jan to Mar
  2. Skyesports Grandslam – Feb
  3. WD Black Cup Season 4 – Jan to Feb
  4. TECNO POVA CODM Cup – Jan to Mar
  5. Skyesports SEA Championship – TBD
  6. Skyesports Arabia Championship – TBD

Besides the ongoing Pokemon tournament, the organizers are another Asia-wide event that will run from January and March. PUBG events will take place outside India for the ban that is yet to be lifted.

The announcement has sparked a feeling of excitement among fans. The coming few months will be packed with tournaments for them to enjoy and they have Skyesports to thank for it.

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