Skadoodle joins T1 as a professional Valorant player

Former CS:GO pro is on a new journey with T1 for Riot’s new tactical FPS ‘VALORANT ‘alongside ex-teammates AZK & Brax.

Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, former Counter-Strike World Champion was picked up by T1 Esports to complete their starting lineup for their very first Valorant team. Skadoodle will join Braxton “Brax” Pierce, Austin “cashies” Roberts, Victor “food” Wong and Keven “AZK” Lariviere on T1’s North American team for Valorant.

Ska brings a championship pedigree to our VALORANT roster on top of an unquenchable competitive drive, What impressed me most about Ska during our conversations was his desire to be on a championship-calibur team and organization.

Joe Marsh, CEO, T1

The trio of AZK, Brax & Ska

Ska has rejoined former Counter-Strike teammates Braz and AZK, the trio that played for Team iBUYPOWER between 2013 and 2015 where they got recognition and made name for themselves as the fastest-rising team in the North American region. However, in August 2015 allegations were made regarding the team’s involvement in a fixed match. They even lost a tournament that year.

As a result, Valve decided to ban AZK and Brax indefinitely from competitive Counter-Strike but Skadoodle was not punished as he declined to share any profit from the incident. Ska would then join Cloud 9’s roster for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that would later on go to win a major championshipat the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018.

Nevertheless, Brax and AZK were the first two played that were signed by T1 Esports for their VALORANT roster. During the beta period, the trio of Brax, AZK & Ska participated in several online tournaments and even won multiple titles.

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Academy team in NA & another team in South Korea

T1 has also announced their desire to run an academy team under their starting lineup in North America as well as another professional team that would compete in VALORANT tournaments in the South Korean region.