#BlackLivesMatter protests: Humble Bundle setups Million Dollar Fund For Black Game Developers

Humble setups $1 million fund for helping black developers publish their games.

As the protest across America grows, more companies and celebrities are joining the protests and voicing their support across various platforms. The voices of support aren’t limited to only a certain section of the industry, even game publishers and developers are joining the fry and voicing their support for the BLM protests.

Latest to voice their concerns is the Humble Bundle, a digital storefront for video games. In an official announcement on Twitter, Humble Bundle announced that they are setting up a $1 Million Fund especially for Black Developers, to help to fund the launch of their games.

Voicing their concerns about police brutality against the black community and condemning racism, Humble Bundle said:

We stand in solidarity to condemn racism and violence against the Black community. Humble believes in empowering and uniting communities through gaming and will leverage our platform to help achieve racial equity everywhere.

“…….the Humble community has always supported worthwhile causes in times of need so please consider donating to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund or Race Forward.