SK Gaming Epicenter trophy seized by Russian Airport Security


Under 24 hours in the wake of winning EPICENTER 2017, SK Gaming’s players have needed to go separate ways with their trophy. SK Gaming returned to their triumphant courses at the $500,000 EPICENTER 2017 occasion after a modest bunch of frustrating outcomes in earlier months.

The expansion of Ricardo ‘boltz’ Prass to the group, on credit from Immortals, set up of João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos appeared to give the group another rent on life as they entered the competition with a comment.

In any case, it creates the impression that the Polish group was not the last obstacle to overcome all things considered.

Following an astonishing 5 maps against the Poles, where Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David indeed exhibited why he is broadly viewed as the best Counter-Strike player on Earth, SK, at last, rose as champions.

With the Marathon coordinate against Virtus.Pro behind them, the Brazilian group would most likely have been anticipating taking their well-deserved trophy home with them.

Rather, SK Gaming should move beyond Russian air terminal security before they can remove the trophy from the nation – as group commander Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo uncovered on Twitter: