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EPICENTER 2017 trophy crowned by SK Gaming over VP 3-2

In what could be called the best series of the year so far, SK Gaming came out on top over VP in EPICENTER grand finals. SK beat VP 3-2 in the best of five decider series.

SK Gaming, the rivals of the tournament stood their ground after they won the EPICENTER final battles against the favorites Virtus Pro. After losing Mirage, SK beat VP twice on Inferno and Train before losing again at Cache, making things even back to none at 2-2.

The decider map, Cobblestone had its moments. And it was evident that both the teams were in no mood to let the championship go!

epicenter 2017

  • Mirage 10:16 to SK
  • Inferno 16:6 to SK
  • Train 19:16
  • Cache 12:16
  • Cobblestone 22:18

The two Group A contestants made their way to the grand finals after VP beat G2 and SK knocked Astralis out in the semi-finals. The grand finals of EPICENTER 2017 was extraordinarily a treat to watch as the games produced stunning results. After a massive tug-of-war between the two giants, the results of the convocation could still not be determined as the teams arrived at the fifth map, Cobblestone.

Cobblestone brought some astounding Counter-Strike among arguably the best players of the game. When things couldn’t settle during the routine rounds, the final conclusion was forced to reduce down to only six rounds.

SK and G2 both shared terrorist pistol rounds in their favor. VP stood at match points twice, unable to capitalize on the opportunity. SK, then, took three consecutive rounds enabling themselves to hold the title of EPICENTER 2017.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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