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SK beat Astralis at BLAST Pro Series finals

BLAST Pro Series, as marketed the best, worst, and smallest CS: GO tournament of the year 2017 attended by 12,000 people held at Copenhagen, Denmark, where SK gaming took home the lion’s share of the prize.

SK Gaming defeated one of the best team in Denmark ( Astralis ), with thousands of FANS chanting in the favour of Astralis. After very stressful day of BO1 group matches which also include one of the worlds best team – FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, North, and G2 Esports. Both SK GAMING and Astralis stood at the top of the groups.

The finals began with a bo3 series in which Mirage, Inferno, and Cache were played.

Let’s go through the activities on each map:

Map one, Mirage, although being one of the SK’s pick, both teams did their best on both CT as well as T side, but Astralis showed that they were the better team, resulting the score of 11-4 in the First Half.

Even without their Primary AWPer Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, Astralis outperformed a passive lineup of Brazilians, who showed his great AWPING skills with total of 14AWP kills along with a HUGE 1v4 AWP clutch.

Mirage ended in favor of Danish front, 16-11.

SK kept their place secured with a mind-blowing 10-5 Terrorist start and an even better Counter-Terrorist side Inferno. Despite loosing rounds Astralis tried their best to get back into the game after winning the second pistol round but guys, the brazilian defence were too strong for them to overcome. The amazing Plays from SK’s side overwhelming the Danes, inferno ended with a scorline of 16-11 with Ricardo “boltz” Prass from SK Gaming top fragging the server at 22 kills.

The final map of the tournament CACHE , began with an 9-0 lead from Astralis as nothing seemed to worked for brazilians. But, after a impressive tactical pause the Brazilian side started to show up on the Scoreboard by closing the first half with a scorline of 9-6. The second pistol round went to SK gaming and the match became interesting as both teams traded rounds in viable manner.

Although amzaing A site executes from the danish side put SK gaming ahead late in the game at 14-11, but the brazilian side outperformed the danes by giving away their Site holds and playing the RETAKE system, helping them to tie the game with a scorline of 15-15. The map then went into overtimem, SK showed some amazing Defensive side by leading 2-1 followed by winning the 2 rounds in a row as Terrorists by concluding the series 2-1 with a 19-16 final map score.

By taking home the $125,000 prize money SK Gaming became the first Counter-Strike Team to earn $3,099,638 from the tournaments.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2017 Final Standings –

  1. SK Gaming – $125,000
  2. Astralis – $50,000
  3. FaZe – $45,000
  4. North – $15,000
  5. G2 – $10,000
  6. NIP – $5,000

SK Gaming captain Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo was named MVP of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2017 by HLTV.org & Betway consideing his consistent gameplay in the grand finals and throughout the tournament topping the scoreboard with a 1.67 rating.

This is the third MVP award scooped by FalleN, who also won the same at DreamHack Austin 2016 and ESL One Cologne 2017.

Pranav Nalawade
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