Astralis’ dev1ce halts career for the year

One of the Astralis key player and the man behind the success of Astralis in 2017, Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz announced earlier today that he will be taking rest for the year.

Device announced the same on Twitter today that his medical leave has been extended to the end of this year. He will miss the ESL PRO League Season Six Finals as well as the ECS Season Four Finals which will be commencing later this year.According to Dev1ce he will be back for ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, considering Improvement in his medical Conditions.

It’s possible that the main reason behind Dev1ce’s extended leave may be due to his treatments on Hiatal Hernia that which was diagnosed in March.

According to Astralis Twitter “Dev1ce had a relapse and was taken to the hospital for a medical check-up,” after IEM Oakland earlier this month. “It was decided to send him home for further checking [and] to get some much-needed rest.”

During IEM Oakland, the team decided to fly back to their home ground ( Denmark ) considering Dev1ce and Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann’s health issues.

According to ESL, the other 3 players were fined for not following their rules and regulations.

Not to worry though, Astrails has Dennis from GODSENT and Jacob “Pimp” Winneche the former AWPer of team Liquid to fill the slot for Dev1ce as well as for the Danish organization.

Dennis played really well with Astralis in the Blast Open Series Copenhagen 2017 Denmark happened this weekend. while Pimp played for Astralis by qualifying for the ECS Season Four Finals in Cancun, Mexico in mid-December. Chances of PIMP attending he $750,000 Finals with Astralis are High because he helped them qualify by placing fourth in the European region.

Since it’s not clear yet whether Astralis will play the ESL Pro League Finals from Dec. 5 to 10 because of a pending claim to WESA, ESL’s team-governing body, regarding the use of Dennis at the league event according to HLTV’s Report.