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Sixless apologizes after Instagram controversy involving Indian Players

A massive controversy erupted when Brandon Cole “Sixless” Patterson, a North American PUBG Mobile pro playing for Cloud9 lashed out at the Indian Community alongside Team Soul and Mortal. The matter caught the attention of every Indian personality from the mobile scene and people went to great limits to make Sixless realize his mistakes. Cloud 9 issued a statement where they had removed the player from the organization after his inappropriate behavior.

Brandon took it to Instagram and via a series of stories, he issued an apology regarding the matter. Brandon started off by directly addressing the matter and by accepting that what he said for the country as well as Team Soul was wrong. He owned up and explained that anger got out the best of him. He even accepted that the exhibited behavior was not professional and he went on to apologize to all the teams that became a part of this scenario.

Brandon explained the real cause behind his outburst. He said that he became tired of all the hate and toxicity he himself was facing on a daily basis. After taking a small break from social media following the incident, he started feeling a lot better and happier.

He then went on to announce that he will be taking a break from social media as well as competitive gaming

What Sixless did was definitely wrong, but realizing our own mistakes, apologizing for them and then striving to move past them is a commendable action. It is not easy for a player of his caliber and fame to take it to social media and address an ongoing issue amidst receiving so much hate for it.

Everyone makes mistakes, but learning from them and moving past them is what matters the most.


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