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Shroud’s Twitter hacked, spews hate speech

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, the retired professional Counter-Strike player and world-famous streamer, has had his Twitter account hacked an hour ago.

Since the hack, that took place an hour ago, the account has been tweeting out NSFW content since. The hacker claims that they will leak Shroud’s “nudes”. The user does not limit themselves there. They go on to claim that they will leak Hannah “Bnans” Kennedy nudes as well. The tweets also include spreading hate towards Keemstar and Dr. Disrespect, famous members of the gaming community.

Additionally, the hacker has repeatedly used the “n-word” in this tweets to spread hatred towards the community.

The hackers have identified themselves as a group of people, going by the Twitter usernames of @remain444, and @istealbtc @NuBLoMM. In a tweet that has now been deleted, the hackers invited people to their Discord channel called “aqua”.


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