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Shroud clarifies on his earlier remark of “CSGO dying”

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained what he meant by his previous remark on the "dying" status of CSGO.


Popular Twitch streamer shroud hasn’t been afraid of showing criticism towards the games he plays, even if that game is one that he once had a professional career in.

A few weeks ago, shroud made a comment on the “dying” status of the competitive shooter by Valve. The comment came under fire by thousands of Counter-Strike fans who disagreed with his opinion.

On his November 1st Twitch stream, shroud clarified what he meant by his earlier comment when asked by some of his viewers on his thoughts about the current status of CSGO.

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“Do you think CS is dying? No no no, I don’t think CS is dying, I think NA CS at a competitive level has died a little bit and that’s just fact,” the 26-year-old said.

“I don’t think CS is dying by no means, I think CS is very popular still, hundred percent it is,” shroud continued. “Maybe I misinterpreted what I said because it is very clear the NA CS is hurting. Might not be dead, but NA CS is definitely hurting, which makes me sad, we were doing so well.”

The North American Counter-Strike scene has indeed taken a huge hit following the coronavirus outbreak. With the LAN tournaments being temporarily paused worldwide, a lot of focus has been on the European scene lately. This has led some organizations to discontinue their CSGO rosters, which might have triggered the statement by shroud.

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