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ShivFPS banned from Twitch for showing toxicity to a cheater

ShivFPS has been banned by Twitch for using slurs after getting the better of a cheater who was harassing him for several days.

ShivFPS is one of the biggest Apex Legends streamer out there, naturally his streams attract massive viewership. While most come to his streams to spend a quality time but there are some who visit his channel with intentions far from good. Shiv, for the past few days was getting harassed by a cheater who was constantly stream-sniping.

However, the cheater did not stop there, he managed to lock him out of his own main account forcing him to use alternate ones to continue streaming. In his last stream, Shiv faced the cheater yet again but this time he had his number. He managed to knock him out and started throwing slurs.

Though Shiv was able to take revenge, Twitch were far from happy about it. The slurs did not sit right with them and served him with a week-long ban.

“Alright well i recieved an email that i’m gonna get a 7 day suspension on twitch. This one however in my mind is bullshit and i’m pretty sure it was for raging at that idiot hacker who was locking me out of playing apex when i had him on my team prior. not deserved in my mind.” said ShivFPS

Shiv has said that he will appeal for a shorter sentence to Twitch and given the situation they might actually reduce the duration of his ban.

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