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R6S pro-Luiz banned for cheating

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Cheating in esports is nothing new at this point and the latest player to get caught is Luiz, a Rainbow Six Siege player hailing from Parabellum Esports.

The players went through a turbulent time after qualifying for Six Invitational 2021, Altiora backed out, choosing to leave R6 landscape, however, Parabellum picked them up while retaining their spot in the North American League for the 2021 season. Their qualification was a shock for many and with the recent ban, a big question mark has been put on all their achievements after Luiz joined the roster.

Having joined back in March, Loïc “Luiz“ Langlais has been banned by R6’s in-house anti-cheat. The community had concerns before the ban after a series of suspicious clips surfaced.

Allegations of using wallhacks were thrown at Luiz, but the player credited all of it to sheer luck but seems like it ran out real quick. According to reports, he was using an Intel HD Graphics based exploit to see through walls. Following the ban, Luiz shared an public apology accepting his fault.

Parabellum since then has suspended the player and requested further assistance from Ubisoft, possibly arranging a substitute for the season. Only a few days after suspending their coach for making inappropriate comments, the drama doesn’t seem to end for the organizations.

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