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Self Revive will no longer be there on Apex Legends Season 14

Season 13 of Apex Legends is nearing its conclusion and with Season 14 on the horizon, players are downright excited to experience the plethora of new content that is on its way. What has shaken the community up is the decision to take away Self Revive.

Self Revive Will Be Removed From Apex Legends In Season 14

Respawn Entertainment has big things in mind for Season 14 of Apex Legends which is due for 9th August 2022. This new season, like every other season is set to bring in a new Legend, along with updates to the weapons, Legends, and map changes. 

Unexpected new being the changes to Gold items, removal of the Self-Revive ability from the Gold Knockdown Shield. All of this is coming on Season 14 and the Knockdown Shield will imply the Gold Backpack’s Guardian Angel ability, which revives players with half health. 

Conversely, the Gold Backpack will boast the “Deep-Pockets” ability, with more meds storage in their inventory. With the Gold Backpack equipped, three Medkits can be put in and two Phoenix Kits in total. 

Removal of the self-revival was raised a few eyebrows, while the community is polarized on this. While the intention is to balance out the game, there might be greater implications that can only be found out when Season 14 drops.

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