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Seangares leads Old Guys Club to Americas Minor Closed Qualifiers

Old Guys Club, consisting of retired pros Sean “seangares” Gares and Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert have made it to the Americas Minor Closed Qualifier set to take place from December 12-14.

They beat LiviD in 2 maps, as n0thing starred with an HLTV rating of 1.44, which earned them the first of 16 qualifier spots that were up for grabs. Ironically, the team also consists of 16 year old talent Sam “s0m” Oh, who had an impressive showing at the tournament.

Joining them will Test Takers, consisting of ex NRG awper Peter “ptr” Gurney as well as the likes of NRG, Envy, Luminosity and surprise entrant Bravado, which is the only team in the Minor to have African representation.

The top 6 teams from the closed qualifier will battle it out in the American Minor in Katowice, Poland for a chance to qualify for the next major.

The full team list is as follows:

[flag country=”us”] Old Guys Club

[flag country=”us”] Envy

[flag country=”us”] NRG

[flag country=”us”] Singularity

[flag country=”us”] Mythic

[flag country=”us”] iNTACT

[flag country=”us”] Rogue

[flag country=”us”] Spacestation

[flag country=”us”] Swole Patrol

[flag country=”us”] eUnited

[flag country=”us”] Test Takers

[flag country=”br”] Luminosity

[flag country=”br”] FURIA

[flag country=”br”] TeamOne

[flag country=”za”] Bravado

Photo courtesy of HLTV


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