The highest earning professional player for the popular game in Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney met an unfortunate fate during one of his matches. On the first day of qualifiers of the Fortnite Winter Royale, Tfue got eliminated.

Ending up in a main 10 circumstance amid one of his qualifier coordinates on Saturday, November 24th, Tfue of FaZe Clan was dispensed with by a string of pinpoint shots through a cornfield that quickly had Tfue raise his worries that he was only an object of a hacker in the Fortnite Winter Royale Qualifiers.

This concern being players cheating in order to gain an advantage over their opponents in order to collect a share of the $1,000,00 prize pool, as the completely open online format for the Winter Royale qualifiers opens the door for players to cheat to their heart’s content.

While Tfue will have the majority of Sunday to qualify for the finals of the Fortnite Winter Royale tournament, instances like the FaZe Clan player being eliminated by a hacker has many players unhappy with the way Epic Games has managed this event that has opened the door for situations like the one above regarding Tfue to occur.