Sea Of Thieves Season 2 Release Date, Time, Plunder Pass, And More

Rare is all set to release the second season update for the Sea Of Thieves on April 15th, and with it comes loads of new content, events, and treasures to plunder!

At the start of the year, Rare switched the Sea Of Thieves monthly update model to introduce seasonal content, with emphasis on bringing in loads of new content through the use of seasonal progression, a Plunder Pass, new events and much more every 3-months. With Season 1 coming to end this week, the next season is finally coming along.

When is Season 2 coming?

With the 2-weeks extension given to Season 1 finally ending, today on April 15th Rare will go forward with the Season 2 update. Other than a teaser trailer, there is very limited information available about the update right now. 

The Sea of Thieves servers will be offline from approximately 9am GMT Thursday 15th to prepare for Season 2 update. While there is no fixed time on how long the servers will remain offline and when the players will get to download the update, following the previous update trends the downtime will only last an hour or two and the update will go live as soon as servers comes back online. 

Sea Of Thieves Season 2 Content

Each new season will come with a new Plunder Pass. Each Plunder Pass has 100 progression levels in both a free and paid track. Each level will unlock new stuff such as character and ship cosmetics, pirate legends, and a new series of Pirate Trials. Players are tasked to increase their Renown level throughout the season to unlock more Plunder Pass levels.

The Plunder Pass will cost 999 Ancient Coins, around US$9.99 and will be available in the Pirate Emporium. Rare promises around $40 of loot in the premium pass—with 11 premium items available.

Rare is being very secretive about the Season 2 update. So far, other than a teaser trailer, Rare has revealed nothing else. So stay tuned we will update the article with more information as soon as we get some news.

Sea Of Thieves Season 2 Release Time:

Developers Rare has confirmed that the Sea of Thieves Season 2 release date has been locked in for Thursday, April 15, 2021.