Free Fire beats PUBG Mobile as the Top Grossing Mobile Game in the US

free fire characters

Free Fire has overtaken PUBG Mobile to become the top grossing mobile title in the United States as per player spending data. Free Fire has been a close competitor to PUBG Mobile for a long time and now has finally overtaken their opponents in the first quarterly spending data report.

According to a report by SensorTower, Free Fire has generated approximately $100 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2021. This amount grew by 4.5 times as compared last year’s quarterly earnings.

Credits: SensorTower

Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale title which is avidly famous in Latin America. This title is developed by Garena and they have a unique approach to keep their fan base entertained and open their own market to a much larger audience. Free Fire usually collaborates with big names across various industries and these partnership lead to a much larger exposure than their competitors.

PUBG Mobile has been the most dominant mobile battle royale title for a long time but their growth was slightly hindered this year. Garena was only able to topple PUBG Mobile in the U.S. as the latter is still the top mobile battle royale game globally with $744.4 million player spending earnt by Tencent.

Credits: SensorTower

PUBG Mobile has grown by 3.3% on the YoY basis and an exponential could be seen with Free Fire, whose earnings went up by 80.8% on the YoY basis. COD Mobile ranks third with a rise of 127% and has approximately earnt $182 million.

Free Fire is quickly catching up behind PUBG Mobile and the next quarterly or yearly trends can depict a different story.