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S8UL Esports’ Contract With Loco Comes to an End 

Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, the co-owner of S8UL Esports, recently revealed that the organization was no longer associated with Loco, a popular streaming platform in India. Thug revealed that the organization’s contract with Loco has come to an end. However, he did not provide a clear response to the organization’s future plans for streaming. 

Thug Reveals S8UL Esports is Currently Not Associated With Loco

Streamers from S8UL Esports have been live streaming on Loco since a long time. Over the last couple of years, Loco has become a staple platform forthe organization. However, since the past couple of weeks, no one from the organization had been streaming on the platform. As a result, some rumors have been circulating in the community that suggests S8UL Esports will be joining either the new international live streaming platform Kick or the domestic live streaming platform Jio Cinema/Jio Games. 

In a recent livestream, one of Thug’s viewers asked him why no one from S8UL Esports has been streaming Loco. Thug revealed that the organization was no longer associated with Loco as the contract between the two companies had ended. 

S8UL Esports and Loco had, by all accounts, shared a strong and productive partnership which lasted for a couple of years. All content creators, as well as players, from the organization had been religiously streaming on this platform. Acknowledging this fruitful partnership, Thug stated, “We had a very, very, very insane relation with them (Loco). The way we supported each other was amazing. Working with the entire team was amazing.” He added, “But, as of today, we are not associated with Loco.”

Thug Talks About SOUL Esports’ Live Streaming Future

Another viewer asked Thug if S8UL Esports was planning to change its streaming platform, as it was rumored. Thug clarified that his statements didn’t imply an immediate platform switch. 

Further explaining the situation, Thug stated, “We are not just associated with them right now. Our contract has come to an end. Let’s see where it goes.” 

There lies a sense of ambiguity in Thug’s statement. It is not still clear whether S8UL Esports will renew their contract with Loco or sign a deal with a different platform altogether. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what the organization decides. 

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