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Royal Unibrew launches Astralis branded range of soft drinks

The leading Counter-Strike team Astralis and one of the major danish breweries, Royal Unibrew has entered a partnership that includes a sponsor deal and a new line of soft drinks under the Astralis and CULT brand.

Esports Teams are known to diversify from their traditional field of work to other means for brand exposure. Such steps allow the owners to upscale their brand name while attracting a larger group of audience to experience a new line of work. 4 times Major winning CSGO organization Astralis has engaged in a sponsorship deal with Danish brewing company Royal Unibrow.

Photo via Astralis

The details of this engagement are not disclosed public yet but so far it is clear that the deal involves a sponsorship agreement that follows by the two parties collaborating to launch a new line of soft drink under the Astralis and CULT banner.

“The Astralis brand has been built around performance, personality, and creating great experiences for fans of all kinds. Until now, we have focused our resources upon the development of our digital products and merchandise, and the cooperation with Royal Unibrew around a range of new soft drink products will give us an additional dimension to the business and in our ongoing dialogue with fans,” said Astralis Group COO & Co-Founder Jakob Lund Kristensen.

“The way the Astralis team and the organization have been able to create results while developing and maintaining a clear, positive branding has created a massive engagement in the large and growing fan base and throughout their media universe. In a very short time, they have established a wide reach and a strong communication platform. This is what we also want to achieve with CULT and the agreement with Astralis gives us new possibilities to build upon an already strong brand” – added Royal Unibrew Marketing Manager Lise Tjell.

The agreement includes a sponsorship wing as well as a royalty wing, it is a step towards developing the commercial upside which goes along both engaging party’s business strategy.


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