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Riot announces Surrender Option in Latest Valorant Update

Not too long ago, Riot devs had mentioned that they were looking to implement a surrender option for VALORANT to provide means for the players to get away from games which are just not winnable.

For instance, a teammate disconnecting at the start of a game is often enough to decide the outcome of the entire game. That’s why, a surrender button can be essential at times to spare the 9 other players in the server their time which would otherwise be wasted on the already decided game.

In a blog post by Riot where the devs answered several questions from VALORANT fans, Senior Producer Ian Fielding has confirmed that the surrender option will be available in the game from patch 1.02. Further information on this button will be announced through the patch notes which hasn’t been fully revealed yet.

Besides this, the upcoming patch is also set to introduce the much-anticipated ranked competitive mode to VALORANT besides the currently available unrated and spike rush game modes. The rank icons are also set to be revamped and the name of the final rank will also be changed in the patch which is likely to be released in the next few days. 

A data miner had previously found out some details on the surrender button that’s to come. The leaked data showed that players would only be able to surrender a game from round 8 onwards and if a teammate abandoned the match. Although, this mechanic is yet unconfirmed and may change in the actual update.

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