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Mobile Legends Streamer broke down in tears after a viewer left abusive comments in chat

Jossa Gaming, a beginner Mobile Legends streamer from the Philippines broke down in tears live on stream after reading a harsh and abusive comment from one of her viewers when she tried to invite people from her chat to play a friendly 5v5 classic game with her in Mobile Legends.

While streaming one of her viewers named ‘Aldous Main’ left an awfully rude comment for her on stream saying:

“ano na 5 v 5 na pu***nginang classic yan walang kwenta manang mana sa streamer na bobo block na ta**ina wala kang future sa stream ako nlng labanan mo tara sa motel hahaha”

Using Google Translate it roughly translates to….“what a 5 v 5 pu *** which classic doesn’t know about the bobo block streamer that ** there is no future in the stream I’ll get against your motel hahaha”

Soon after reading the comment, she banned the user and asked her chat to remain civil. But soon after trying to focus on the game, she broke down in tears and kept on crying for the entire game.

“I know it’s normal for streamers to get bashed, But as a beginner, I tend to easily get affected especially when he said I have no future in streaming. My courage comes from the very few people who are watching my stream, They serve as an inspiration for me to continue streaming,” She said and apologized to her viewers for crying on stream.

Soon the news of her facing abusive comments went live in the gaming community and people started to flood her chat with positive and encouraging words. People flooded her chat with nothing but kind words and she also received a total of 40,380 stars donation by the end of the stream. Other streamers also chimed in to support her and asked the community to remain civil and encourage new streamers like Jossa Gaming.

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