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Riot announces Run it back 3 Valorant bundle

Skins in Valorant are the prime feature, with the skins having additional VFS and SFX. The valorant skins help elevate the players’ gaming experience, and the skins aren’t just plain cosmetics making them worth the buck. 

Amongst other things, Skins are also a controversial topic to touch as many skins supposedly impact your gameplay and might make you better at the game. But there is no such concrete evidence for the same. 

Anyways skins in Valorant hit differently, and it is always fun to play with skins rather than not. In Valorant, you can only purchase these skins through the night market, with Riot releasing new bundles either once or twice a month.

The other way is hoping you’d get the skin you have missed in the Night market, which is an RNG, or wait for the skin to pop in the Shop after a while, which might take some time or a lot of it. As an urban myth, the stronger your desire for the skin, the later it drops. 

Along with that, the only other way you can get skins you missed is the Run it Back bundle Riot introduces every six or so months, which includes the most popular skins of the year and gives you another chance to buy them. 

The Run it Back three bundle would consist of Magepunk Operator, A gravitational uranium neuroblaster classic, Ion Phantom, Radiant Crisis 001 Bunky, and an Ego Stinger. The price of each skin is 1775 VP, but the bundle would cost 20% less, that is 5945 VP. 

The bundle price would vary if the player already owns one of the skins from the bundle. With the 20% off applied on the total amount after reducing the cost of the skin you possess. 

All the skins are favorites and are in much demand from the community. The bundle is set to go live on July 27th, after the current bundle is taken off the market, and will stay until August 10th. Make sure to head to the market and buy the skins when available. 

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