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Female Valorant Team Accused of Boyfriend Stand-In During Galorants Tournament

An all-female Valorant team has been accused of breaching the rules and sharing accounts in the recent Galorants Astral Clash event.

The team in question, Team Fallacy, has been accused of account sharing and using one of the player’s boyfriends as a stand-in during the event. 

The accusations were posted in an online document, which provides multiple points in support of the claims. According to the document, Team Fallacy member Mars had her boyfriend, ex-TSM FTX player ‘Payen’, playing on her account during the event.

The Galorants Astral Clash event was essentially the Last Chance Qualifier for the Astral Clash LAN tournament in California, and the winning team would get a fully paid trip.

The document goes over several pieces of evidence ranging from Mars’ keybinds during the game, her in-game FPS, minimap size, and a number of other aspects to support the claim that her boyfriend was playing on her account instead.

“The concerns are brought up specifically because this qualifier was the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for a spot at the Astral Clash LAN tournament in California, which would’ve been a fully paid trip for Gen.G,” the document reads.

The google doc further explained that Payne was seen queuing with the rest of the Team Fallacy roster instead of Mars in ranked a day before the event, and speculated that the reason for this is that “they wouldn’t be playing with her in the tournament.”

Whether or not Riot Games investigates further into this and if Team Fallacy gets disqualified still remains to be seen.

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