Respawn already had many problems with the update 1.1 and after a day another problem came to light when some players reported that were receiving leaving penalty.

As the name suggests leaving penalty is given when a player leaves the game early before the conclusion of the match. In case of battle royale games like Apex Legends, it would mean when either all your teammates die or you are completely dead.

But in case of Apex Legends things are a bit different as the game have a revive system in place where if a teammate is unable to pick a player up in time, they go into revive state where a flag comes up with a timer. Some players tend to leave the game as soon as they get downed and die, not waiting for this revive state to finish. This triggered the leave penalty script and handed soft ban to such player after 3 matches. Although the time was short, players were frustrated with this change as nothing was mentioned in Patch notes about the early leaving penalty being enabled.

Respawn were quick to respond and said that the change was unintentional and wasn’t meant to ship with update 1.1. They said this change was too early to be implemented and was only meant for internal testing. Due to some error with the script the penalty was enabled accidentally. They shipped a hotfix across all platforms and disabled the early leaving penalty.

Although they didn’t say if the penalty will be released in future update or not. Many games have a feature like an early penalty system to stop griefing and tackle the problem of players having to queue longer for games and then being unable to find a match successfully. With respawn testing this feature, it’s only a matter of time before it is enabled across all platform.