Epic the creator of Fortnite just announced that they won’t allow players to use stretched resolutions in competitions or arena and the game will be locked at 16:9 resolutions. This update comes just days before the Fortnite World Cup event.

Previously players were able to switch 16:9 aspect ratio to 4:3 making the resolution stretched which helped in increasing fps as well as made spotting enemies easier in many cases. Playing with stretched resolution in competitive tournaments gave an advantage to these players making it unfair for those who preferred to play in 16:9 aspect ratio. Although this change is debatable and many don’t favour it but some pros like Ninja think that it is for better, as the players with stretched resolution had an unfair advantage and now with this change, the playing field will be levelled amongst pros.

But some pros came out opposed this change and took twitter to talk about it. Players like team Liquid’s Jake “POACH” Brumleve said:

Another player from Team liquid, Chap said :

Although some had a neutral stance on this and questioned why change something so significant when a tournament is nearby. Luminosity gaming’s SypherPk said :

Epic is yet to comment anything on this and rather took the silent approach, than trying to do damage control. Community is in uproar with this change since time to qualify for world cup event is closing in. For players to get used to new settings it will take time and some argue that it is unfair for them and they won’t be able to qualify now with such a significant change coming on short notice.