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Researchers reveal probable pictures of future gamers and it looks terrifying

Researchers created a model showcasing how a gaming addict could possibly look like in 20 years time, and well it’s not eye-catching at all.

Researchers from OnlineCasino.ca have created a model named “Michael” which shows the physical changes that a gaming addict might have to go through over the next two decades if they don’t change their lifestyle and daily habits. Michael can be seen in the image below with a hunched back due to poor posture, dark circles under his eyes that are bloodshot due to sleep deprivation and from hours to continuously watching the screen.

The model shows the affect gaming addiction could have on the body after 20 years. Credit: OnlineCasino.ca

Michael seems to have pale skin and vitamin D & B12 deficiencies. He is also obese due to the lack of exercises and has ulceration in hands, and weak arms because of holding the gaming controller for hours. Due to poor blood flow, Michael has varicose veins and swollen ankles because of sitting down on the chair for hours. He also got hairy ears due to poor air circulation.

Image Credit: OnlineCasino.ca

Michael’s shoulders has also turned around and got indent on his head due to wearing the headphone for years. Thanks to global reports based on the physical impacts of gaming addiction, this model displaying how addicted gamers could look like was made possible.

Researchers have given five tips to stay healthy to the avid gamers:

Featured Image Credit: OnlineCasino.ca

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