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Renegades defeat Ence to advance to the StarLadder Berlin Major semifinals

Renegades becomes the first team to fix their spot for the semi-finals by eliminating the Team ENCE in the Bo3 Quarter Finals 2-0 with the scores being (16-5 on Mirage) & (16-12 on Nuke).

The first Quarter Final of the Starladder Berlin Major kicked off today, with the very first map being Mirage (Renegades Pick) where Renegades opened the scoreboard with 2-0 taking the pistol round in style as ‘JKS’ clutches an amazing 1v2 with a p250 and winning the following eco round as well.

Renegades played their T-Side on mirage fairly well and lost only 4 rounds making it a (11-4) Half. ENCE took the pistol round of the second half where the crowd went wild cheering for Team ENCE and hoping for a comeback but as ‘JKS’ again comes to rescue as he takes a great double kill on the following force buy round to make 12-5, Team ENCE got locked down to 5 rounds while the Australian side snatched the first map 16-5.

On the first map, ‘JKS’ and ‘Gratisfaction’ displayed some amazing skills, these two players would be the one’s to look out for in the semi-finals. JKS with that amazing clutch in the first round of the quarter finals showed what he is capable of doing with just a pistol in his hands while ‘Gratisfaction’ showed off his awping skills in connector where he locked down mid as well got the match point for Renegades.

And the second map, Nuke (ENCE’s Pick) Where ENCE was expected to stay a step forward and make it (1-1) in the Bo3, they started on a great note on the T-Side where they won 3 rounds in a row their momentum was quickly stopped by Renegades as they won the next 2 rounds, this went back and forth the entire half which ended 9-6 for ENCE.

In the second half of Nuke, Renegades again showed off on top with their Pistol skills as ‘Jkaem’ managed to get a quad and lock down the round for Renegades and they quickly managed to take the lead 10-9 on the T-Side Nuke, ENCE managed to get another round in the defense again tying up the score line 10-10. ‘JKS’ already being fired up on the first map again came out huge with a double entry and another 1v2 Clutch on the following round. ENCE only managed to get 3 rounds on the CT Side and were eliminated from the Berlin Majors 2019 while Renegades booked their slot for the Semi Finals.

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