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Avangar overpower Vitality; advance to semi finals in Berlin CSGO Major

In the second quarter final for the day, AVANGAR vs Team Vitality, AVANGAR eliminated the world’s number two team (2-1) in a Bo3 format Quarter Final making their way to the Semi Finals of the event.

The first map again being Mirage (Vitality’s Pick) Vitality started off on the T-side with a 2-0 lead taking off the pistol round and the following eco round. The Mp9 3k by ‘SANJI’ helped AVANGAR to get their first round on the CT Side. Apex clutched down a 1v2 in the 10th round to level up the scores 5-5 , After that rest of the rounds went pretty much back and forth and in the last round of the half, ‘Jame’ helped with an AWP Retake with 3 smooth kills to end the half 8-7 in the favor of AVANGAR.
On the second half of Mirage, Vitality takes the pistol round and the following anti-eco round with a blazing 4k by Zywooo.
‘Jame’ and ‘Adren’ helps earn the map point for AVANGAR and making 15-9, Vitality failing to break their 8 round win streak losing the first map (16-9).

On the second map Inferno (AVANGAR’s Pick)
AVANGAR took the pistol round on the T-Side of inferno, the first few rounds went on the AVANGAR’s way while vitality took the last 7 seven rounds of the first half, ending the half (9-6), Zywoo shows up on inferno with his sniper and top frags on inferno with 28 kills, Vitality wins inferno with the same score line (16-11) leveling up 1-1 in the Bo3 format taking up to the third and decider map ‘Dust 2’

The third and final map of the day, Dust 2 (The Decider Map) for the quarter finals 2,
AVANGAR Starts on the T-Side where ;Qikert’ opens up the map by taking a quad kill and winning the pistol round for AVANGAR, They look unstoppable on their T-side taking the first half (12-3). ‘Adren’ ‘Buster’ and ‘Jame’ all playing up their best getting entries, holding off angles, winning every battle.

The second half on Dust 2 starts off with an ACE Clutch from ‘Zywoo’ where Vitality tried their best to make that come-back possible where ‘JAME’ answers with another ACE of his own with the AWP. Vitality tried their best with the comeback winning 4 rounds in a row and getting up to the double digits but AVANGAR remained resilient as they secured the final two rounds taking the map (16-10) and Eliminating the Team Vitality in the Bo3 Quarter Finals (2-1)

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