Team Reckoning receiving their trophy (Image courtesy: Thet Ko Aung @Artcircle Photography)

ReckoninG Esports is a famous esports organization based out in India. It is well known for its DOTA 2 lineup which is mostly made up of Myanmar players. Their DOTA 2 squad have been consistent performers at multiple tournaments within and outside India mostly in the SEA region.

In a recent post coming from the ReckoninG Esports official Facebook page, the ReckoninG Esports management announced that it will be releasing its entire DOTA 2 roster to its fans. The post titled “A Bend in our Road to Success!” read:

It was already under speculation that ReckoninG Esports might release its DOTA 2 roster among the fans due to the statements coming out from its players but the release of the roster was made official by the ReckoninG Esports management a few minutes ago via the above mentioned Facebook post. It is rather sad for us to say goodbye to a squad which showed such potential and the release will no doubt leave many fans dejected.


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