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Rainbow Six Siege Unveils Ying’s Augmented Reality Elite Set: A Cyberpunk Revolution

Rainbow Six Siege continues to captivate its audience with the latest addition to its Elite set collection, this time spotlighting Ying, a character that has been part of the game’s dynamic roster since 2017. The new Augmented Reality Elite set not only enhances Ying’s visual appeal but also brings a fresh, cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic to the battlefield. Here’s everything you need to know about this cutting-edge cosmetic upgrade, ensuring your gameplay remains at the forefront of style and technology.

How to Acquire Ying’s Elite Set

The Ying Augmented Reality Elite set is available for 1800 R6 Credits. For those who have invested in the Operation Deep Freeze Battle Pass, a 10% discount awaits in the R6 Shop, lowering the price to 1620 R6 Credits. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making this Elite set yours:

  • Start Rainbow Six Siege and navigate to the Shop section.
  • Locate the Elite Ying Augmented Reality Set at the top of the page or through the Operator Preview section under Appearance.
  • Purchase the set using the “Buy with R6 Credits” option.

Should your R6 Credits fall short, the game conveniently directs you to the Ubisoft store for a top-up. Once acquired, you can adorn Ying with her new Elite skin and mix it with other available cosmetics for a personalized look.

A Glimpse into the Elite Set: What’s Included?

Ying’s Augmented Reality set is a treasure trove of nine legendary items, each designed to elevate your gaming experience. The collection includes:

  • Legendary T-95 LSW LMG Skin
  • Legendary SIX12 Shotgun Skin
  • Legendary Q-929 Pistol Skin
  • Legendary Operator Portrait and Background
  • Augmented Reality Weapon Charm
  • Exclusive Augmented Reality Ying Elite Animation

This set is a part of the Year 8 Season 4 lineup and was introduced alongside Operation Deep Freeze. With Operation Deadly Omen on the horizon, players can anticipate more Elite sets to join the fray.

Enhancing Your Gameplay with Ying’s Elite Set

The Augmented Reality Elite set not only offers a visual upgrade but also enriches the gameplay experience with its unique MVP animation and the ability to customize Ying’s appearance extensively. The cyberpunk theme adds a layer of depth to Ying’s character, reflecting a blend of futuristic aesthetics and the game’s tactical nature.

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