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Astralis Fails to Qualify for PGL CS2 Major 2024

Astralis encountered an unexpected setback at the Regional Major Rankings (RMR) tournament, missing out on a spot at the CS2 Copenhagen Major. This outcome was particularly disappointing because the Major was held in Denmark, the home country of Astralis, and marked the introduction of CS2 at a major event.

The team had recently strengthened its roster with the addition of stavn and jabbi from Heroic through a multimillion-dollar transaction, anticipating a combination of talent, experience, and strategy to outperform their competitors. Despite having four players ranked in the HLTV top 20, Astralis was unable to match their opponents’ strength, resulting in losses to Team Spirit and ENCE, and a decisive last-chance qualifier match against the Russian team, 9 Pandas.

The game against 9 Pandas was crucial for Astralis, offering them an opportunity for redemption and a chance to secure a spot in the Major. However, their defeat on the map Overpass and a subsequent loss on Nuke, a map on which Astralis had a weak record, confirmed their elimination. The 13-8 loss against 9 Pandas not only knocked them out of the qualifier but also disappointed fans who were looking forward to seeing their team at the Major.

This failure has repercussions beyond the tournament loss, affecting Astralis’s financial health due to missed earnings from sticker sales and prize money. For context, sticker sales from the BLAST.tv Paris Major alone surpassed $110 million, underscoring the financial impact. The emotional impact on the team was significant as well, with player device expressing his devastation and extending apologies to fans and the organization for their performance.

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