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Rainbow Six Siege Cheater is an Alleged Suspect of Ubisoft Montreal Hostage Hoax

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A recent report reveals that the primary suspect behind the hoax Ubisoft Montreal hostage situation of last year is an avid Rainbow Six Siege cheater who reportedly called in multiple threats to the studio in Montreal. 

Canadian Newspaper, La Presse reports that a French citizen named Yanni Ouahioune, who was banned over 80 times from Rainbow Six Siege for cheating in the online game devised a hoax hostage situation to take revenge for being banned by Ubisoft.

La Presse has obtained a court document according to which the primary suspect, Yanni Ouahioune is being investigated for making the hoax phone calls that led to a police investigation at Ubisoft Montréal. The individual involved apparently spoofed their phone number to make it appear as though the call came from within the studio and demanded a ransom for hostages.

The documents also reveal that Ubisoft Montreal received two more hoax calls in the following months, one reporting a bomb been left at the studio, and another claiming that one of the company’s executives had been killed. There were also some calls that reportedly asked for access to ban people within Rainbow Six Siege, including banning the Swedish Siege professional Spoit from the game. An investigation into the matter by Ubisoft reportedly led to Yanni Ouahioune being named as the primary suspect.

La Presse was able to contact Ouahioune, who admitted his earlier wrongdoings like creating a site to steal Siege accounts and involvement in a swatting incident from 2017. However, he denied any part in the hoax calls to Ubisoft MontrĂ©al in November last year and claimed that his name has only come up because he’s known at Ubisoft.

As it stands, the investigation is still ongoing. The hostage hoax has so far cost Ubisoft over $1.7 million (Canadian dollars) for lost productivity and over $15,000 in psychological services, and $40,000 in material damages.

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