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Racing Mode soon to introduce in PUBG Labs

Do you always felt to race with your enemies in Playerunknown’s Battleground? PUBG developers have heard you, soon Racing mode will arrive in PUBG LABS. This mode will completely change the experience of the game. Now, as you battle your opponents, you can also race across tracks on the newly updated Miramar.


The players can select this mode on the homepage of the game. The player will select the vehicles at the start of the race. They could choose from Motorcycle, Buggy, Coupe RB, Dirt Bike, Mirado. Each vehicle comes equipped with a set of different weapons. Just after reading this line, I remembered the car combat franchise ‘Death Race’. Use the F8 key (Console: D-Pad down) to toggle the vehicle selection UI and change vehicles.


The players are spawned in their vehicle as the race countdown begins. You won’t be able to move or attack other players until the race starts. The players are invincible for 10 seconds at the match start whereas 5 seconds invincible after each respawns. The game has a fixed racer track for the players as shown below. Both the tracks are one, start to finish.


To save your progress in the game, you have to cross the checkpoints. Checkpoints serve as respawn points. Going off-track for too long engages an out of bounds timer and when the countdown hits zero, you will be respawned near the latest checkpoint you’ve passed.

Boost Crates

The players need to drive through red crates to collect boosts. The boost crates respawn a short time after being collected. You can use the shift key to consume your boost which brings you Full Speed. When killed, you will respawn with your boost gauge set to max. Vehicles such as motorcycles and Dirt Bikes are not given the boost to balance the gameplay.

Ammo Crates

Now comes the best part of the mode, Ammo crates. The players drive through blue crates to collect ammo. Crates provide a small amount of ammo for your equipped weapon. Ammo crates respawn a short time after being collected.

The player that crossed the finish line first, grabs the checkered flag and wins the race. The rest of the players will only get 60 seconds to finish the rave once the winner crosses the finish line.

The new mode announced by the developers just looks amazing. If all the things go well, we can soon see this mode available to the mobile version of the game. Till then race hard.

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