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Leffen to get legal aid following accusations from Hax$

TSM FTX Smash Melee pro William Hjelte aka Leffen has announced that he is looking for legal assistance following accusations of forming a “totalitarian regime” in the Smash community from fellow player Hax$ aka Aziz Al-Yami.

In a two and half hour video published on YouTube, Hax$ has brought forward accusations towards Leffen. According to him, Leffen has formed a “totalitarian regime” around the Smash community before labeling him a “psychopath”. The video came along with a Google document that expands and breaks down his accusations in detail.

Nine different claims were surfaced by Hax$ that range from hijacking the “#metoo” movement for personal gains to “maliciously” advising players to alter the layout of their controllers and not mention how he “blackmail and propaganda” to “smear” Smash rival Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma.

“at this point i don’t even know what to do. Legit concerned with my safety at events with this level of things. Will be looking into a lawyer before saying more just to make sure my bases are covered.” is all Leffen has to say in terms of a response.

So far, it has been obvious that Leffen rejects any claims made by Hax$ to the point that he is looking for a legal advisor to get him through these freshly surfaced accusations. Leffen is one of the most influential names in the community and given the tricky nature of the claims, more drama is sure to follow suit.

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