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Mobile GamingWhat does Krafton have in store for PUBG Mobile...

What does Krafton have in store for PUBG Mobile India

Krafton Inc. seems to have big plans for India in the future.


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PUBG Mobile is finally back in India and this comeback is huge for Krafton and its upcoming ventures. The company is making large amount of financial and logistical investments in the country and this can play a huge role if they are able to tap into the mobile gaming market that has been flourishing in the country for last few years.

Krafton Inc. is a South Korean video game holding company. The company was created to better align all its subsidiaries and itself under a unified brand and PUBG Corporation was one of the subsidiary. Recently, PUBG Corp. merged with Krafton and the entirety of latter was acquired by Krafton. This acquisition included PUBG and PUBG Mobile Korea and now, the PUBG Mobile India will fall under the same category.

Since the ban, Krafton was setting up perfectly for its return in India in the form of PUBG Corporation. The company started with severing its ties with Chinese conglomerate Tencent games for the region and then, assured the PUBG fans in India that the game will make a comeback soon.

After being silent for quite a while, Krafton made a collaboration announcement with Microsoft Azure to host its data, including PUBG Mobile. This strengthened the possibility of PUBG Mobile comeback in India and then, the final announcement came in where Krafton stated their full-scale return.

Apart from PUBG Mobile return, Krafton as a whole is entering India to set-up for a sustainable future in the country. The company revealed its plans to invest $100M in the country to contribute to the development of the Indian video game, esports, IT, and entertainment industries.

Krafton will establish a branch office in India and employ at least 100 people specializing in game development, business, and esports. This can be the company’s first step to set-up in India for a long haul. These investments will also largely contribute to the upcoming PUBG Mobile esports league in the country. This will be the first and biggest PUBG Mobile tournament with league structure exclusively formatted for India.

Krafton seemingly has big plans for the country and even though the entire roadmap of this large amount of investment is not clarified, the commitment itself can be considered as a testament to a bright future of PUBG Mobile in India.

Divyesh Moghe
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