Fnatic’s entry into the competitive esports scene in India seems to have broadened the horizons for the region and made it a hotspot for other international organizations as well. TSM are reportedly the next one looking to follow in Fnatic’s footsteps.

The North American organization is reportedly in talks to enter the Indian scene, particularly the PUBG Mobile scene and pick up an already established lineup. While other details pertaining to the report are still unknown, it is worth noting that TSM are unlikely to take the route of Fnatic. While the Swedish organization built a fresh lineup to announce their entry into the Indian scene, TSM are likely to pick up a roster, the identity of which is still unknown.

PUBG-Mobile has propelled the region to new and greater heights, with the entry of international organizations, creation of domestic organizations along with the success that the Indian players have found in the competitive scene. It will be interesting to see which roster TSM picks up and how successful the rumoured lineup can be with their support.


  1. […] PUBG移动版通过Instagram上的官方帖子,完成了为即将到来的PUBG移动职业联赛南亚2020年揭露各个小组的任务,对于该小组来说,实体游戏是直接合格的队伍。 TSM和Entity的徽标可以并排看到,尽管它不能完全揭示交易的本质。无论是基于成熟组织的交易还是对其移动电子竞技部门的单纯停留,它也都处于包装之下。这使团队Solo Mid想要进入印度PUBG移动场景的猜测已经存在很长时间了,最​​后,我们对此知之甚少 […]

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