TSM Entity and Galaxy Racer invited to PMPL Arabia

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India is returning back to competitive PUBG Mobile after a span of six months as two teams from the country are set to compete in PUBG Mobile Pro League Season One: Arabia. Memphiz has confirmed the participation of TSM-Entity and Galaxy Racer in this tournament.

TSM and Galaxy Racer are two Indian powerhouses in PUBG Mobile Esports who were unable to compete in any major tournament in India or global stages since the game was banned in India. The ban impacted each and every esports organization, affiliated with PUBG Mobile, in the country but it seems like these two teams have found a way to return back in the competition.

According to Memphiz, TSM-Entity and Galaxy Racer will compete in the upcoming season of PMPL Arabia from the Middle East & Africa region. Neither of these organizations has officially confirmed the participation and PUBG Mobile Esports is yet to announce the list of teams competing in PMPL Arabia.

It was also mentioned that a rule states that at least three players competing in the tournament should belong to the region but somehow, these organizations have found a way to participate in this tournament. The details about this participation are yet to be officially revealed and hence the intricacies are unclear for now.

If these two teams are able to compete from other regions in the upcoming tournaments, the rest of the Indian organizations could also be seen following a similar trend in the future.

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