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PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Day 1 Recap

All 5 matches of Day 1, Week 1 of PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia have come to an end. The first 4 matches were played between groups A, B, C, D and in the 5th match, Group B took an exit and Group E came by. It was a rollercoaster ride with chicken dinner winners taking an early exit in the next match itself as well as veteran Indian teams being outplayed by underdogs. Here’s all you need to know about day 1:

Maps and Winners

MatchMapWinning Squad
1ErangelTSM Entity
2SanhokTeam Soul
5SanhokTeam Xtreme

Top Players

SynerGE and TSM Entity, two of the directly qualified squads have an inarguably strong player lineup with impressive stats as well as perfect shot-calling in-game. These rosters dedicated time with their respective rosters while the rest of the pack was fighting their way up through the group and final stages of PMCO. A player worth mentioning is Team Tamilas’ MantyOP who brought top tier teams to their knees with his perfect sense of rotations and aim set on the head during team fights.

Overall Standings

All the 20 teams played a match today although teams from Group E played a single match as they are lined up to play the remaining ones tomorrow

pos 1-10
pos 11-20


The day couldn’t have been more interesting with TSM Entity refusing to step down from the #1 spot of the table. Team Soul pulled off a chicken dinner in match 2 with a total of 15 kills as Viper, one of their founding members exhibited ace level gameplay. Team Orange Rock, a team from which fans had high expectations from did not have a great time as they consecutively underperformed and took early exits in each match. UMumba, the underdog squad shut all mouths with their performance in match 3 where they bagged a win with their perfectly coordinated gameplay. Team Godlike and Xtreme from Group E played their first match and managed to make it to the final circle in a faceoff. Team Xtreme bagged the win but Godlike established themselves as serious contenders. Team SynerGE seems to have a gift in Seervi as he continuously carried the team on his shoulders and had his fair share of moments throughout the day. Team Tamilas, the underdog stars of PMCO regionals gave some serious competition to top tier squads and MantyOP took the fight head-on with teams like Soul, Fnatic as well as TSM Entity.

As day 1 comes to an end, we have a basic picture of what the teams plan to bring to the table. TSM Entity, SynerGE, Team Xtreme and Fnatic have proved themselves early on in the game while veteran squads like Orange Rock and Marcos Gaming still have a lot of proving to do. The league stage continues for another 4 days and the fight for the $200,000 prize pool continues tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!


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