PUBG Mobile Esports disqualifies seven teams from PMCO Spring Split 2021

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The team that handles PUBG Mobile Esports has disqualified four teams participating in the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Spring Split 2021 for using an unauthorized third-party application. The team disclosed this information on their social media handles and the teams belong to four entirely different regions.

PUBG Mobile has taken stringent actions on many offenders in the past few cases and even though there have been some instances where the officials lacked to act in the past, this time, the actions are coming very swiftly. The third-party applications can alter in-game data and could be considered cheating.

The entire statement reads, “In our regular investigation to fight cheaters and provide fair competition in our official tournaments, players in the following teams were found to be using prohibited third-party software. As this is a clear violation of our code of conduct, the teams have been disqualified from the tournament. The teams will not be replaced, and the PMCO will continue as planned with the remaining teams.”

A total of four teams were banned and their names and regions are as follows:

  • DarkKnock – Europe Wildcard
  • TeamMvrk – North America
  • KURD MAN – United Kingdom
  • FLBV – Turkey

These teams were mentioned in the official briefing and according to another source, three more teams have been disqualified in the process. The Liquipedia Editor named Memphiz has revealed that two teams from PMCO Pakistan and one from UAE have faced the same fate.

The names of these teams are Team Shurta from PMCO UAE and Lost Esports and KodXrog from PMCO Pakistan. The teams from the Pakistan region were disqualified for ‘ringing’ and while the reasons are different, it implies that these rosters and its players cannot participate in the official tournaments in the future.

Last time, PMCO Pakistan was a disaster with numerous reschedules and several permabans but these actions can ensure that something similar won’t happen in the future.

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