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5 year old Valorant player’s clip has taken over the internet where he can be seen clutching out a 1v4 situation for his team.

No matter how accomplished one is, a clutch is always satisfying, especially in competitive games. 1v4 clutches are something every player dreams to pull off, and for one 5 years old it came true. Given his age, it is unbelievable how he managed to pull it off, and not only did he pull it off, he did it convincingly for any seasoned player to be jealous of.

He found himself at a man disadvantage and kept his cool while pragmatically using Reyna’s ability to edge out all the four remaining enemies. Upon successfully clutching out the round, he rushed to his dad to share his success story.

“Foopa is my son and has been playing with me for as long as he could hold a controller (1) and use a MKB (3). He loves all games; but has fallen in love with Valorant now… I can honestly say I coach the little dude and he is an excellent listener and incredible game sense… He loves when people watch him play.. he was banned on Mixer 2 years ago after going viral in a Fortnite video (due to his age), but I’ve been able to work out his stream on twitch as long as I am monitoring it and in the same room. He appreciates all your comments (he can read )!” said the young man’s dad on Reddit.

Given his progress at his age, Foopa might see him get recruited by the top esports organizations around the world which every competitive gamer dreams of. His advanced skill set is nothing short of a gift that most gamers are deprived off and undoubtedly he is a star in the making.