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Karakin to be added in PUBG Mobile on 7th April


Tencent has revealed that a new map Karakin will be added to PUBG Mobile on 7th April 2021. It is one of the most anticipated things to be ported to the mobile version from PUBG PC and finally, the map will be added to the game. Karakin is completely different than any other maps in PUBG Mobile and has unique features that will be added alongside the map.

Karakin is a sandy island with a very small area of 2 kilometers where combat is waiting at every corner. This map was first introduced in PUBG and since then, many users were waiting to try it in PUBG Mobile. Karakin is a very small map for a battle-royale game and it will be even smaller than Sanhok so players can expect a very chaotic battlefield right from the start.

As this map is smaller, the player lobby count is decreased as well. Similar to Livik, only 64 players will drop in a match and fight immediate battles to win the game. Looking at the play style of this map, it can be assumed that the matches will also end pretty fast on this map.


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Here is the list of in-game mechanisms that could be added to the game alongside the new map. They were revealed in the patch notes of PUBG Mobile beta 1.3 but as Karakin was never added, players could not enjoy the new features earlier. The three features are as follows


A completely new mechanism related to the Karakin map will be added to PUBG Mobile. When players are playing in Karakin, they will have to look out for another new area similar to Red Zone. This is called as ‘Demolition Zone’ and will be marked on the mini-map as a purple area. An alarm will indicate the start of this area and in this zone, each and every building will be demolished in real-time.

This new feature will cause heavy destruction to hardcover objects and as a result, players will need to abandon their cover and always move when Demolition Zone starts. This feature will also force them to take a fight and be aggressive with their gameplay.


Players familiar with the FPS genre of games already know this feature very well. It has been implemented in several titles for the past few years and finally will make an appearance in PUBG Mobile, exclusively for Karakin map. Players can shoot their enemies through the damaged walls in Karakin. This feature is implemented for “indoor fights” and hence, it will be interesting to see if compound walls and other such structures will be affected by this mechanism or not.


A new throwable item is added in Karakin and it is known as the sticky bomb. It will act as a grenade which can be planted on walls or roof for destroying such objects. It can be used to take down buildings in Karakin and create a different terrain for battles. After using a sticky bomb on walls, the structure will be transformed into rubble and hence, one can take cover behind such fallen objects when they are in combat.

This announcement was made on the occasion of the Third Anniversary of PUBG Mobile. At this event, famous DJs like R3HAB, Alesso, and Lost Frequencies where each of them debuted a new song. Other massive announcements like PUBG Mobile crossing one billion downloads and collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong were also revealed.

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