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Chinese Govt. imposes ban on PUBG for under 13 year old gamers

Chinese government has reportedly initiated a crackdown on online gaming addiction among the youth and have asked game developers to impose age restrictions on their games.

According to a report by Gamesindustrybiz.com, Tencent is continuously working on how it can restrict younger players or teenagers from accessing some of its games in China and have come up with a digital lock system which will ban all the players under the age of 13 years.

This digital lock system will need the guardian of the youth to unlock the game for him or her.

Moreover, Tencent Games, in order to support the Chinese government, has also started using technologies such as facial recognition and player ID checks in order to identify the age of players for Honour of Kings and others games in China.

In the last couple of years, the gaming giant, which also developed PUBG Mobile, has introduced a number of restrictions for minors such as limiting access to its games for minors to just one hour per day in 2017.

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