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PUBG x Tera collaboration on 05 March

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game Tera are coming together in the first week of March 2019. Both the games are developed by Bluehole and the crossover will last until 5 April 2019. However, both the games merely have anything is common and it’s alleged to be quite an unconventional collaboration.

Both these games indeed share their history together. When PUBG began testing, several devs from Tera team were the first ones to run alpha tests and halped with PAX support.

Tera being a 7 year-old game from Bluehole will surely attract fraction of playerbase from PUBG and the game being free-to-play could also be pitched as another aspect for users to try out the MMO.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with Resident Evil in the previous week. PUBG PC had also collaborated with DC Comics for new skins in late 2018.

Tera players will level 60 or higher can participate in the event for two hours each day. Although, even if you log in for an hour during the event, you’re eligible for keys, crates and battle points.

Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shahhttp://talkesport.com
Bhavya is an esports enthusiast who's been living video games since boyhood. First-person shooters are his inclinations.


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