Pubg Mobile World League Super Weekend: Week One Day Five Results

PMWL Super Weekend Week One Day Five Results

PMWL Super Weekend Week One ended with RRQ Athena ranking top, followed by Bigetron RA and GXR Celtz. It was a rollercoaster ride for many teams and a consistent path for others. The scores are settled for now as we will continue with the scoreboards next weekend.

Match One – Erangel:

The first map starts very slowly. The teams avoided any possible early engagements and took a safe pathway. Even T1 took a safe exit and dropped away from their usual drop location to a relatively safe area.

Orange Rock started an early fight with Valdus Esports and eliminated them with a loss of one player on their side. Other than this, it was a silent circle till phase four kicked in. RRQ Athena put pressure onto teams like No Chance and Team Secret and they also took an early exit.

Team IND and SynerGE were fighting along the edges of the zone, SynerGE got Team IND but overextended their stay and playzone killed them. RRQ Athena was running strong in this match with good number of kills.

The last circle saw four teams standing with Megastars still fully alive. RRQ Athena had a good run but Pimayy sneakily eliminated them and Reject Scarlett and got his team to second spot. Team Megastars won this match pretty easily with a big man advantage on their side.

Megastars win the map with 10 kills and 30 points. RRQ Athena came second with 14 kills and 24 points. BOX Gaming ranked third with 6 kills and 20 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

Usually there are no early fights in vikendi but today, teams faced each other relatively early than other times. TSM-Entity was fighting out of the blue zone and took the first elimination of this map.

A long stretched fight happened between Bigetron RA and Megastars. Bigetron slowly got the kills and finally pushed them when one man was remaining, and knocked them out.

There was a little bit of hold for some time but quickly it ended. Celtz and No Chance faced off and Celtz overpowered them and they got eliminated. The fights became messy as match moved into its final phases.

A noteworthy play comes from BTR Ryzen. He single-handedly holded RRQ Athena outside of playzone and Luxxy finished the last man. Ryzen got three kills out of this fight. Last fight was between SynerGE and BOX Gaming where BOX wipe them and win this match.

BOX Gaming won the match with 15 kills and 35 points. SynerGE came second with 6 kills and 20 points. KOG Club was third with 7 kills and 17 points.

Match Three – Miramar:

Miramar had a slow start in this map. Loot and rotate strategy was seen by each and every team. No early engagements took place.

Team Secret started a fight with Reject Scarlett and Uhigh got three kills for his team. The last player quickly ran off and got a good position later in this game. TSM-Entity and KOG Club were the first teams to get eliminated. TSM had a bad run in second consecutive match.

Team Secret was dominating in this map. They pushed into BOX Gaming and killed three of their players before leaving for the zone. The last player of BOX successfully ran away but couldn’t make much out of it as he got eliminated early.

RRQ Athena and T1 were fighting for a high ridge advantage as RRQ swept T1 out of this fight. Team Secret were unstoppable, they clashed with Valdus Esports two times and UHigh eliminated them racking 9 kills for himself.

Orange Rock had a favourable zone position but did not get much out of it as they take an exit in top 8. RRQ Athena managed to get into the zone and then killed one player each of Team Secret and Celtz and grab the win.

RRQ Athena won the match with 16 kills and 36 points. Team Secret was second with 13 kills and 27 points. Celtz was third with 5 kills and 19 points.

Match Four – Sanhok:

Sanhok despite being the smallest map in the game, no teams faced each other till the clock ticked the 10 minute mark.

First fight was seen between SynerGE and KOG Club. KOG had good communication and pincered SynerGE drom two directions. SynerGE could not hold out the two sided attack and got eliminated at first place. Team IND and Reject Scarlett started a fight and a single player got two good frags and killed IND.

Teams clustered into paradise resort area had to move as zone shifted away from them, many teams dropped out instantly. T1 and TSM-Entity fought while trying to enter but both of them got killed.

The last circle favoured Bigetron RA, Orange Rock climbed downhill but were instantly eliminated. One player from BOX Gaming was doing heal battle from a long time and got his team the second spot.

Bigetron RA won with 8 kills and 28 points. KOG Club was second with 8 kills and 22 points. RRQ Athena came third with 6 kills and 16 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

The start of the last map of week one was extremely high paced. The old rivalry of T1 and Valdus Esports near Rozhok area was finally observed in this last map. T1 yet again struggled with their indecisive hold and were taken down easily.

The zone shifted massively into the bottom half of the map. It consisted mostly of southern island and hence fast rotations started. Team Bigetron entered successfully and were gate-keeping teams RRQ Athena fought with them and Bigetron RA took first exit in this match.

A good bridge camp setup was seen, many teams tried entering through but did so with the loss in manpower. There was free entry later on for some teams but the zone damage was too much and teams dropped instantly.

The last zone was intense. It was a triangle of fight between Megastars, Celtz and Reject Scarlett. The last fight was a 1vs 1 and Celtz stomped over Megastars to secure this victory.

Celtz won the last match with 14 kills and 34 points. Reject Scarlett were second with 9 kills and 19 points. Megastars came third with 5 kills and 19 points.

Overall Standings:

Week One Kill Leaders:


RRQ Athena ranks at the top of leaderboards with the end of first week. They had their best run in the last two days and a very consistent performance brought them up to the first spot. A brilliant team with past experiences and skills now leads the board till week two starts.

Bigetron RA, the former champions did not lack in their performance. They had their own share of bad games but that’s just the part of this competition. They were still pretty consistent and now are ranked second. We expect a similar performance from both of these teams in the next week as well.

Galaxy Racers Celtz, the South Asian champions finally showcase their domination on the global platform. They had one hard journey from being underdogs in the scenario to ranking number three in the world. They gave a good performance and never really had any flashy games but ended the week with a win.

Teams like BOX, Megastars, OR and IND had their own fair share of rough patches but they performed really well being consistent with their ranks in the last couple of days. Yodoo Gank despite having a huge lead on day one, could not capitalise on it and it was a weak performance from their side.

TSM, NC and RCS will have to perform better in the next week’s league play weekdays, they have to set the pace right or it would be too late after that.