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How to get cheaper ammunition in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is an online action multiplayer game published by Rockstar Games. After a long term success with successive variants of this game, this game was launched as an online component of Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA Online allows upto 30 players to roam into San Andreas which includes fictional city of Los Santos and other open countryside areas. You enter this game as a silent protagonist who is quickly led into the underground world of gangs and corruption and he strives to make a name for himself as a mafioso.

The story is not central in the multiplayer, though it serves as a prequel to the single-player story, where characters from the single-player are woven in.

GTA Online has a huge arsenal of weapons that can be used to complete the missions or just cause havoc and kill your fellow players. The weapons have a limited amount of ammunition and you have to stock it regularly or you will run out of it during important missions.

To save you the trouble of visiting Ammu-Nation and buy the magazines at a high cost, a reddit user found out a simple trick that allows you to buy ammo without visiting the shop and that also in cheaper rates.

You could by the ammunition remotely by starting a contact mission or job from your cellphone. You have to start the job and then you will get an option to purchase complete stock of ammo.

You can follow the steps to claim ammunition in cheap rates:

  • Start a contact job
  • You will be dropped into pre-job menu
  • Purchase complete ammo stock option will be present there.

If you have a lot of weapon arsenal, it will come at a big price but if you calculate it correctly, you can save upto 40% of the cost than buying it from action and inventory menu.

This will save your time and a visit to Ammu-Nation. If you think that the contact job will take a lot of time, it just takes few minutes to complete and you get a good discount on the ammo. This discount will benefit players who prefer to use weapons which have high ammo cost.

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