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PUBG Unban in India Possibilities After PUBG Krafton Merger

PUBG Corp. merged with Krafton Inc and although this may not explicitly indicate anything, we speculate what could this mean for PUBG Mobile ban in India.

PUBG Mobile can potentially get unbanned in the country looking at the developments taking place with PUBG Corporation. Recently, Krafton Inc merged with PUBG Corp. and the entirety of this game developing studio was acquired by Krafton. These moves may not directly imply anything that can be related to PUBG Mobile but there are some indicators that can hints towards a possibility of PUBG unban.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India with 117 other Chinese apps for data mining and user privacy concerns. According to the official press release, these apps were blocked as they were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India and security of state and public order.”

Since the ban, many leads have pointed towards a different possibility about the future of PUBG Mobile but this time, the Tencent shutdown in India is a huge breakthrough that can help to speculate the future of the game in India. Tencent recently closed down their PUBG Mobile operations in India and this could mean that a big change is coming.

Within a week of this ban imposition, PUBG Corp. severed its ties with Tencent for the region and since then, it was expected that the shape of PUBG Mobile operations in India will change and with this shutdown, it can be seen as the first step towards this change.

In the same statement, PUBG Corp. also indicated that they have assumed the full control of publishing rights of their title in India and will work in “exploring different ways to engage its community in India through various region-based activities, including esports and community events.

Now this statement clearly suggests that the company will not give up on their efforts to bring back PUBG Mobile in India and now with Krafton merger, things might start to take some shape.

After the Krafton merger, PUBG Corporation conveyed that their user policies will be changing and all the player data will be handed over to Krafton.

This was only limited to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and not its mobile version but since, PUBG Corp. has the publishing rights of the title and now is acquired by Krafton, we might see the same set of rules being applied to PUBG Mobile franchise that are currently developed by PUBG Corp.

This includes the Korean version of PUBG Mobile and if these changes are applied, the major data hosting and user privacy issue that led to PUBG Mobile ban in India could be solved.

This may not directly implicate anything about the future of PUBG Mobile in India but if these changes are applied and a local counterpart of PUBG Mobile is made specifically for the Indian region, the game just might get unbanned in India. This is just a speculative approach on where the ban is leading in the country and with Tencent out of the picture, some potential developments might be coming in the future.

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